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Think Win-Win

There is nothing better in this world than an outcome that benefits all parties involved in a situation. Having a ‘win-win’ attitude in every aspect of our lives brings about confidence, empathy, we can be considered sensitive but also brave. In a business environment, coming to a compromise that benefits all parties involved shows leadership, negotiation skills, and courage.

Think Win-Win is a state of mind. The conscience tells the mind that we can win and the brain will strive for it at all costs. However, the mind striving for a win isn’t always a straight line. Like other things, you also have to work for it.

Having the right attitude to match your goals and state of mind can be learned, even for those struggling.

The win-win mindset does not only have to be empathic, but also confident. You don’t have to be considerate and sensitive but you have to be brave as well. This mental frame says you can win, and you will. The balance between courage and consideration is the essence of win-win or win-lose or lose-lose situations.

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