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It is easy to have dreams and goals for every aspect of life. Achieving these things takes time, energy, determination, and planning. Having a clear view of our goals and keeping the finish line in mind, anything you put your mind to is possible.

Dreams don’

t come true overnight and they don’t just happen. There are many things that make these ideas a reality. Working towards your dreams takes perseverance.

Imagine that one of our goals is to be in a marathon. You don’t run that often anymore but you are determined to run in a marathon. This takes time and energy in training and putting yourself in that mindset. No matter how difficult training is, you keep running and are getting better. Over time, you are finally ready for a marathon.

A person with perseverance sticks to things they set their mind to. These people are hardworking and great problem solvers. They understand that the obstacles in their way are just obstacles. They will find a way to overcome them. A steady course of action does not always have to be in place but quick thinking in hard times takes courage.

Having the end goal in mind and working towards, no matter the difficulty is perseverance. This mind set of ‘I can do it’ will take you far and many opportunities will be open for you.

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