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Lift As You Climb

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

While we go through our endeavors, we are learning on our own or with a mentor. Either with someone or independently, the lessons we learn through each event will be beneficial for the next event. But what is the point of learning these lessons alone?

The “lifting while you climb” is helping those in our lives who are struggling, and hoping that the help we offer is good for them as well.

Imagine you and your friend are on a climb on the side of a cliff. It is a tough climb, the weather isn’t ideal, but you are almost at the top. You and your friend are tethered together. If they were to slip, you had them and if you slipped, they had you.

Now, you’re the first to get to the top. You’re lifting yourself up and looking out into the view, waiting for your friend who is just a hand away themselves. They slip. What do you do?

You bend down and lift them up to see the view as well, right?

This ideal can be applied any time.

Supporting others while you go along is what defines a leader. Leaders are right there next to their team while trying to accomplish goals. This takes “intentionality”. Intentionality is different beliefs, desires, and hopes that consist in being directed toward an object or situation.

Helping others while we go along builds connections, supporting different networks. We pass along different opportunities and grow mentorships. Whether is it through a difficult class, through a new career, or through a hardship in our personal lives, we need that connection for help. There may be another individual in our community that needs a helping hand.

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