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Chase the Passion, Not the Money

The average person will job hop, following the extra dollar for better paychecks and monetary comfort. But what joy does this bring to someone if it is just a job and not something they love?

Chasing the money is simply that – chasing the dollar for more financial gain to live. Most of these positions are simply jobs, something you do for money, and not a career. Careers are a person’s passion, a long-term endeavor that they work on every day and build for the rest of their lives.

Over time, doing activities that you love will bring you to a happier state of mind. It is healthier on the body and mind. By chasing your interests, you’ll be more fulfilled, build better relationships, and still make as much or more than someone following the money.

Doing what you love allows you to be creative. When doing something you are passionate about, you’ll become proficient, and the pay will come. It might not be immediately, but the effort of manifestation, to bring something to a bigger light, will be worth it.

Though, some people believe passions should be something to do after a job when the time permits. We believe that passions can be anytime and be something everyone should focus on.

Focus On Your Passion.


The first tip that might come to mind is ‘niche down.’ That’s not always true. We suggest finding out what are some things that you love doing in your free time or something you enjoy and don’t have much time for now? Find something that makes you feel like you love doing it so much, you could do it for free.

Now, a person can have multiple hobbies and interests that bring them happiness. It might be writing, cooking, drawing, and teaching or just one of these activities by themselves. Whatever it is, continue doing them. It is important for the brain to do something it loves on a regular basis. It can be relaxing while seeming to be busy. It is not something to stress over since you enjoy doing it.

If you are passionate about your work, it will bring happiness to you. You can then monetize your hobbies. Visualizing what your hobbies can do for you, the money will follow eventually. Speaking about how your hobbies can help you and an issue you are facing; it will pay for itself in the long run. The prize will come, and when it does, you will understand what real fulfillment feels like.

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